Christmas Eve Boxes Come To Asda

Christmas Eve Boxes Come To Asda

Yippee! One of the big Supermarkets has got with the programme! Asda has brought out Christmas Eve Boxes and it's about time, is it not?!

From the 28th November for just two weeks, you'll be able to bag a "Night Before Christmas" Box for just £2.50. These are in limited supply and will be available in selected stores only.

The good thing is that these are affordable and are empty so you dictate the budget for the contents and exactly what you want in it.

Whilst Asda stock lots of nice Christmas Pyjamas*, Novelties and Sweets*, you're not stuck to their selection and can use the likes of Home Bargains or anywhere else you like.

Need some inspiration? Click here for Best Christmas Eve Box Ideas!


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  • Vikki H.

    These are great size boxes. I've got them for my girls. Big enough for pj's, socks, mug, hot chocolate , sweets etc

    • Sarah J.

      Oooooh I’ll take a look. Ta x

      • Eleanor G.

        Wow I'd luv these for the girls xxx

        • Amanda R.

          Thanks Ive already completed mine. Although this is probably cheaper

          • Natalie S.

            Ha asif u already got it how prepared are you :joy:

            • Trudi M.

              And a cheeky sprinkles xxx

              • Sam O.

                Will have a look 2moro xx

                • Laura S.

                  Thanks! I got a box from home bargains, but I'll definitely go and pick up some little bits to fill it.

                  • Emily P.

                    These boxes are great defo worth the money

                    • Leanne B.

                      I went but they had sold so had home bargains as well :-( xxx

                      • Stacey S.

                        Fab!!! I've made a start of this years ones x

                        • Rachael R.

                          I bought personalised 1s last year so just gunna fill them up again x

                          • Laura M.

                            I seen lots of people with them last night but the display was empty when I went in xx

                            • Eleanor G.

                              Going to make wee boxes up for them this year the big ones just getting jammies lol

                              • Sara M.

                                Thats where i got mine lol

                                • Lyndsay D.

                                  Is there a link to these boxes? Been in my local Asda and couldn’t see them xx

                                  • Cheryl M.

                                    Asda craigie have them Hun xx

                                    • Lyndsay D.

                                      Aw thank you xx

                                      • Cheryl M.

                                        would b quick tho Hun there sitting just down from kiosk xx