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Mog The Cat Book/Plush Sainsbury's

Last night, a certain advert won my heart over. John Lewis put out a good effort and for a great cause, however, Mog the Cat has well and truly stole the show. Haven't seen this magical Christmas ad yet? You can click here to see it*. The message is very clear that 'Christmas is for sharing'. Save the Children are the charity of choice for Sainsbury's this year and we do hope they make lots of money from this adorable ad.

Some of you may remember Mog from books that are already out. Since this advert is also to promote literacy Sainsbury's are selling Mog's Christmas Calamity' books* for just £3 each. The perfect Stocking Filler for the kids. Judith Kerr, HarperCollins and Sainsbury's will donate all profits from the sale of this book to Save the Children to improve child literacy in the UK. Save the Children will receive at least £2 from the sale of each book.

If you go in store you will be able to find Mog Plush Toys too. These will sell out, I plan on nipping into my local Sainsbury's to snap up a few for my boys. These plump cat soft toys are priced at £10, with £4 going to Save the Children.

We are glad to see that Sainsbury's have priced these reasonably, meaning that many of us will be able to afford them for Christmas Gifts and Save the Children will benefit too. A win-win situation for all.

If you find that your local Sainsbury's is totally out of Mog then head on over to Amazon where you can find more Mog* books like this Mog the Forgetful Cat Book* for just £3.49.

Thanks to rockchick90

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  • chrissiewissie

    Why cant I purchase the Mog plush cat online?????????

    • nadacolada

      Unfortunately, the Mog Plush Cat is in store only. Just to let you know, they have been selling out in most stores, so you are best to ring them first.

      Best of luck! I am yet to bag one myself. :D

      Nada :D

    • barnsleygirl

      Have u heard that people are now selling them on eBay from 40- £100! It's disgusting!

      • admin

        It's shocking barnsleygirl! Hopefully Sainsbury's will get more stock before Christmas!

  • maisie2

    Why does this say buy book and toy when there are no toys available on line or in shop? There seems no purpose in spending all that money on advertising something that will bring significant revenue to the  charity but is not actually available? Waste of time and money and very poor marketing by Sainsbury. 

    • nadacolada

      Both the book and the toy are available in Sainsbury's stores. Only the book is available online to buy. We know that stores have been selling out of the toys but it's worth speaking to a member of staff as they have been getting more in every other day.

      Good luck finding a Mog for Christmas!

      Nada :D

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