Baileys Irish Cream 1 Litre £10 @ Asda From 1st - 3rd December

Baileys Irish Cream 1 Litre £10 @ Asda From 1st - 3rd December

I love a boozy Christmas price war, and if you want to bag yourself a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream for a tenner you can now get it from Asda this weekend as well as Morrisons!

It's the 1 Litre bottle that will be on offer in Asda stores from this Friday 1st December to Sunday 3rd December so I'll be popping in to snap up a bottle (or three) for Christmas (or the weekend).

The offer isn't live as I write, but is being advertised as starting from Friday, and although the ad only features the Original Irish Cream I'm hoping the different flavours are on offer too, fingers crossed.

It isn't really Christmas in my house without Baileys, and I always hold out for this offer, so let's hope they have plenty in store!


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  • Emma W.

    should have waited till the weekend lol x

    • Paul R.

      It's only 2 quid

    • Jessica M.

      I know what I’m getting tomorrow

      • Rebecca J.

        Baileys hot choc :yum::yum::yum:

        • Teri K.

          Saw this's in my basket x

          • Jade B.

            We’re going to Morrison’s tomorrow xxx

            • Claire T.

              I'm gonna try and go tmrw x

              • Christie H.

                I've just come back from Morries, was going to message you to see if you still wanted one, would have dropped it in on my way back but I forgot my bloody id!!!!

                • Claire T.


                  • Claire T.

                    I get the same problem...always forgetting my I'd

                  • Lisa D.

                    Ohh yum might have to get some although the choccie one is even better!! xx

                    • Lynne C.

                      I hope I can make it last for Christmas

                      • Lynne G.

                        Omg defo gunna stock up x

                        • Vic H.

                          I know where I'm heading at the weekend xXx

                          • Rachel J.

                            as am I. I accidentally already finished the bottle I bought for December! :see_no_evil:

                            • Vic H.

                              Haha it's dangerous buying all these Christmas treats so early! xXx

                              • Rachel J.

                                yep as they disappear before December!! :joy:

                                • Emma D.

                                  Oo yummy. Gone through 2 bottles here haha! The cheap Lidl one tho, it's really nice. Only £3.50 a bottle xx

                                  • Kirsty T.

                                    Neeeeed - of to Asda tomorrow anyway x

                                    • Michelle N.

                                      Got some more on Monday :joy: can’t say no to £10! :smile: xx

                                      • Jackie H.

                                        Ooh I no gonna get some:grinning::grinning:

                                        • Rachel P.

                                          Love the coffee ones in the cans too so might buy some this Christmas xxx

                                          • Lucy R.

                                            Might have to. Think I'm already half way through the one I've got :joy: oops xx

                                            • Steph K.

                                              I’m totally into this deal :joy::joy::joy::joy: x