Coming Soon: 1L Bottle Of Baileys Irish Cream £10 @ Morrisons

Coming Soon: 1L Bottle Of Baileys Irish Cream £10 @ Morrisons

It's not Christmas without that big 1 litre bottle of Baileys is it? It's been £12 at Tesco and the likes up until now, but I am not happy until those Supermarkets have fought hard for my money. Morrisons has started the Bailey Price War by offering the 1L Bottle for just £10. The price drop isn't live yet, but will be from Thursday 30th November.

At the moment, Morrisons have it for £15 down from £20, so you're saving a tenner on the smooth, creamy drink.

I am hoping that other flavours will be dropped to £10 too - Orange and Pumpkin Spice are two that go down particularly well in my house.

It'll be interesting to see what supermarket will be next to drop the 1 litre bottle to £10 and more so if any will dare to drop even further to undercut Morrisons. We can only hope!


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  • Andrea M.

    Whoop. We only mentioned it last night. Bailey's hot chocolate, yum

    • Jessica W.

      OMG I love baileys !!!! Baileys hot chocolate time soon !!!!!! X

      • Kirsty B.

        Yep! baileys hot chocolate.. ahhh :grin::ok_hand_tone3:

        • Gemma H.

          I need to try this still xx

          • Gemma H.

            10 quid a litter though that's dangerous lol x

            • Carol B.

              Whoop ... the one I've been waiting for!!

              • Georgie L.

                You can never have enough Baileys lol. I got some today from Lidl, cost £3.75 it tastes amazing xx

                • Keri N.

                  OMG! Looks like I could be popping to Morrisons this weekend. :wink: xx

                  • Natalie M.

                    I knew it would go cheaper :heart_eyes: best stock up :joy::joy:

                    • Karen S.

                      Guess where I'll be sending Phil on Thursday then :joy: xxx

                      • Louise K.

                        Ooh baileys truffles sounds nice xx

                        • Sarah G.

                          Aw man already got mine !

                          • Gemma D.

                            Haha its practically that at the moment as 2 for £22 so only saving a £1 xx

                            • Natasha L.

                              Need to get my Christmas Baileys Thursday :thumbsup:

                              • Angie M.

                                Thanks for the heads up :grinning:xx