1L Bottle Of Baileys £10 @ Asda

1L Bottle Of Baileys £10 @ Asda

'Tis the Season to glug some Baileys...' I don't drink it any other time of the year, but I am tempted already to start my annual Baileys binge. There's Truffles to be made with it, coffee to be enhanced with it and so much more. Asda are selling the 1l Bottle of Baileys for just £10 instead of £17.

There are other flavours of Baileys like Irish Cream Coffee (was £14), Orange Truffle (was £14) and Chocolat Luxe (was £18). These are all reduced to just £12.

At £10, the 1l bottle of Original Baileys, is a great gift idea.

This offer is online and you should find it in your local Asda store too from today until 31st October. Maximum of three bottles per customer.


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  • Julie M.

    Oh I need 2 get one ready 4 Xmas x

    • Kym D.

      Oooo yum. I'll b picking some of that tomoz with my shopping x

      • Clair L.

        Thot u would of liked this lol x

      • Fiona B.

        Ooooo my fave! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

        • Janice T.

          Top of my shopping list for tomorrow! x

          • Tracy R.

            Ooh my favourite. Thank you xxx

            • Dominique M.

              :joy: thanks for the heads up!!

              • Caroline B.

                But I loooove baileys :persevere:

                • Ronae G.

                  Thanks!! :metal_tone2::clap_tone2:

                  • Sarah B.

                    Oh go on then....You've twisted my arm! X

                    • Jane B.

                      Ooooooo baileys in my coffee!

                      • Kelly L.

                        hell fire!!!....i just bought a case of prosecco

                        • Hayley H.

                          It's got to be done!! :heart_eyes:

                          • Luci H.

                            Let's all go to Asda :see_no_evil:

                            • Jo C.

                              I already have one purchased :smile::smile::smile:

                              • Barbara J.

                                I will get one tomorrow morning xx

                                • Louise S.

                                  Thats going straight in ma basket :ok_hand_tone2::thumbsup_tone2::joy: x

                                  • Kirsty K.

                                    Best get myself to Asda lol

                                    • Sarah P.

                                      Yum! Maybe one for Xmas too ;)

                                      • Lynda O.

                                        I'm going to get tomorrow :heart_eyes: X