Waitlist Now Open For Kiband

Waitlist Now Open For Kiband

Do you remember back at the start of the year, when our Lisa wrote about the Kiband? Nope, I had totally forgotten too. The Kiband is a wristband that is controlled by YOUR smartphone. The idea is that you can know the whereabouts of your child even though they out of site. It can only be removed by you and your phone and not by the child or stranger.

The manufacturers of Kiband are now in the final stages of testing and you can even sign up to the waitlist so you can be one of the first to pre order. They still haven't released a price, so we can't wait to find that out.

These aren't everyone's cup of tea but some may find them a godsend. Once you sign up, you can recommend others to do the same and in the process accrue points to go towards getting one for FREE.

If you want to read more about the Kiband then check out Lisa's informative post here.

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