Kiband: The Kids' Safety Bracelet Controlled By Your Smartphone!

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There is a new kind of Children's Safety Bracelet that has been developed called Kiband, that is controlled by your smartphone. The idea is to solve the problem of children wandering off, by using bluetooth technology to track your child's whereabouts and warn you before they can wander out of sight.

The Kiband will be worked via and App on your phone, and one of the main features is that it can only be removed by the parents phone! It can't be removed by the child or anyone else wishing to.

You can set what you consider a safe distance and when the child approaches it the band will vibrate, warning them that they are wandering too far away. If they ignore that and wander off then your phone and the wristband will sound an alarm making it much quicker and easier to find them.

You can't buy the Kiband yet, but you can register for an early invite on their website. There seems to be a lot of interest in this device already, even at this early stage, and at present there is still not much information available.

The price point remains a mystery, and although you can't put a price on a child's safety we wish we had some idea how much this advanced piece of kit will cost.

To read more about it or to register for an early invite then visit the Kiband website here.

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  • Jassihota
    I'm interested please send me any info you have. How will it be? When will it be available? Can I trial it? Jas

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