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usbournePocketScienceCollection I do love The Book People, they satisfy my need for books and they're currently selling this Usbourne Pocket Science Collection for £9.99 instead of £47.76.

I'm smitten with this Usbourne Pocket Science Collection - there are 24 books which will introduce your youngster to the marvels of science and answer some of those questions that might have been ticking along in their little minds.

How Do Bees Make Honey? is just one such title and others include:

  • What Makes it Rain?
  • What Makes a Flower Grow?
  • Where Did Dinosaurs Go?
  • What's The Earth Made Of?
  • How do Animals Talk?
  • What makes a Car go?
  • What's Inside You?
  • Where Does Electricity Come From?
  • What Makes People Different?
  • Where Does Rubbish Go?
  • Why do People Eat?
  • Where do Babies come from?
  • What makes you ill?
  • Why is Night Dark?
  • Why do Tigers have Stripes?
  • What's under the Ground?

Some of the books are experiment based so you and your child can get your 'hands dirty' and have fun whilst learning together.

There are experiments to conduct with light and mirrors, experiments using air, magnets and water; if the Easter holidays already feel as if they've been going on forever then this Usbourne Pocket Science Collection could just save your sanity now and again.

There's a free delivery code for you to use to - Lynley posted it last night - just enter SPRINGSAVE at the checkout before 14 April to qualify; if you miss the free delivery code deadline and only order this Usbourne Pocket Science Collection then you'll pay a single item charge of £1.95.

Thanks to Marina at HUKD

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