Go The *** To Sleep £4.96 @ Amazon

Go The *** To Sleep £4.96 @ Amazon


If you haven’t heard of this book as yet, or have been waiting for it to come down in price, then this is the time to get your hands on a copy. It isn’t polite, in fact it is very, very rude, but it’s funny and apt and will have you and your partner in tears of laughter.

Amazon has marked the book down from the usual price of £9.99 to only £4.96 with free delivery. The book is available on the Kindle too if you happen to own one of those lovely creatures.

It has been on the news, it has been read by Samuel L. Jackson, it has been laughed at and discussed in pubs, and it was apparently almost sold out on preorder. The book, written by Adam Mansbach, takes a pretty accurate snapshot of a parent trying desperately to get their kid to go to sleep.

I found it very funny, although it gets a bit tedious towards the middle.

Thanks to theprimeminister at HUKD!


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  • Rebecca
    Me and Hubby just listened to this about laughed so much ( having just spent over a hour getting little one to sleep tonight ) will be buying x
    • debadwolff
      brilliant book - so so funny!