Ladybird Classic Bedtime Stories Box Sets 2 For £15 @ The Book People

Ladybird Classic Stories Box Sets 2 For £15

I love these gorgeous Ladybird Classic Bedtime Stories Box Sets from The Book People, and they're on a great offer right now. They have an RRP of £20 each, but now you can get them for just £9.99 or get 2 for £15!

There's three sets on offer; Princesses*, Fairy Tales* and Animals*, and each includes three classic Ladybird story books with the original illustrations, a door sign, and a mug with matching coaster.

The stories are traditional tales like Sleeping Beauty, Puss In Boots, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and more, with the beautifully detailed illustrations that many parents will remember well from their own childhood.

I'm very tempted to get a set just for the mug for myself, as I think the kids have most of these stories in one form or another!

I think they would make beautiful gifts, and one that parents as well as children will treasure.

Home delivery costs £2.95, or is free on orders of £25 or more.

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  • Robyn W.

    could you imagine the girls faces getting books from our olden days haha

  • Belinda H.

    I LOVED these books when I was a little girl :blush:

  • Elaine G.

    Ahhh would love Oscar to have all the old classic books like this x

  • Tamara B.

    So did i. Had a coin purse of my favourite one.

  • Carrie R.

    These come with a mug coaster and a sign too. So cute.

  • Aimee R.

    I used to love those books!!

  • Nicola K.

    these are a must if u dnt have

  • Jenny P.

    I could get then the puss in boots/little red hen one xx

  • Samantha C.

    Used to have so many of these!

  • Paula M.

    I've ordered some :joy::joy:

  • Paula M.

    The princess ones and the animal ones - I thought the fairytales ones might be too creepy

  • Rhiannon J.

    These look familiar, did we have these books as children? X

  • Melissa H.

    Cinderella!! That's the one grandad used to fall asleep to haha

  • Nicky L.

    I think they are fab. I might by the set that has Jack and the beanstalk, Three little pigs and puss in boots.

  • Amanda N.

    aw ye! didn't think they still did them. I'd love to get some, mine are falling to bits xx

  • Andrea D.

    Aw they are lovely! Definitely adding them to my list x

  • Victoria F.

    The Sleeping Beauty book is so beautiful. Going to order tonight.

  • Vicky C.

    I'm so getting these :blush:

  • Misbah A.

    I still have a couple of the books. Asma didn’t manage to destroy my “Princess and the Pea”.

  • Victoria M.

    Yes! I def remember sleeping beauty book x

  • Donna A.

    OMG I loved these as a kid! Will have to grab these x

  • Saima N.

    I remember one called Briar Rose the most.

  • Lizzie R.

    Yay!!!!! Is that the right one?! :thinking:

  • Lizzie R.

    Surely you an buy just the one for less than that?!

  • Lizzie R.

    No more random pea stories :thinking:

  • Katie W.

    yes i know. its a good price for them. x

  • Rachel L.

    Can you remember the elves and the shoemaker? Loved that book

    • Faye W.

      Yes we have some of these here :blush:

  • Christine M.

    I bought Cinderella from amazon, cost me a fortune. I dint let Maisie touch it lol lol :joy: xx

  • Sophia H.

    Noooooo! (Im not sure I remember the story...) My favourite was the elves and the shoemaker!

  • Jo T.

    Yes I remember them well , I had most of these back in the day lol

  • Sandy N.

    Wow is the elves an shoemaker there

  • Michelle B.

    I have lots of these as first edition. Anyone know what they are worth?

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