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3 August 2010

roomOnBroom *In my best market trader accent (which is ace by the way)*  Roll up, roll UP! Julia Donaldson books for £3 over at Amazon!

You should, of course, zoom over to Amazon on a broom as one of the Julia Donaldson books on offer is Room on the Broom. This is such a great story and the condition of our copy is testament to how loved and how many times this book has been read!

I could narrate the entire story for you here - I won't - but essentially, a witch and her cat are zooming around happily on their broom one evening when the wind blows the witche's  hat off. A dog brings her hat back and he joins them for a ride on the broom.

During the course of the evening they pick up lots of other passengers but then the broom snaps and the story gets a bit tense from this moment forward.  I won't spoil the rest of the story for you - if you don't already have this excellent book in your collection then I recommend it!

gruffaloOf course, no Julia Donaldson post would be complete without mentioning the wonderful Gruffalo - is there a household in the land which doesn't have at least one copy of the Gruffalo...?

There are lots of other £3 Julia Donaldson books to choose from, so go and have a mooch around Amazon and choose the SuperSaver deal for free delivery.

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!

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