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books1 I don't know how The Book People make any money I really don't!

Mention Oxford University Press and you can rest safe in the knowledge that you and your child are in good academic and literary hands.

These work books are aimed at kids aged between three and five years old and contain a whole host of activites to help prepare them for going into school.  That said, if you have a super-bright little Einstein then why not go ahead and get them going through these ealier?  It's not as if there are any small parts or whatever that would prevent younger ones from having them.

The subjects cover: numbers, reading, letter formation, colours, the alphabet, shapes and sizes, patterns and shapes, writing, sounds and rhymes and couting so lots to do and learn to keep enquisitive minds busy and active.

The rrp on these is £29.90 but The Book People would like you to have them for just £6.29!  Yes, I know it says £6.99 on the website just use the codes below to get 10% off and free delivery; marvellous!

Free delivery: AFF210
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Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD!

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