Exclusive PlayPennies Deal @ The Dinky Fingerprints

Exclusive PlayPennies Deal @ The Dinky Fingerprints


I never made any things from my daughter’s little hands and feet when she was a baby and I now I really do regret it. The Dinky Fingerprints is an online store that specialises in creating gifts that will capture your children’s fingerprints in pure silver, forever.

Lucky for us, The Dinky Fingerprints are giving PlayPennies readers a pretty cool special offer. If you purchase anything from The Dinky Fingerprints they will give you a free sterling silver initial worth £10. Yes. A FREE sterling silver initial.

When you order your item you have to state PlayPennies at the checkout and the initial you require. If you don’t say PlayPennies then you won’t get the discount. And, obviously, if you don’t say which initial you want, the poor folk on over at The Dinky Fingerprints will have to try and guess which initial captures your fancy.

They have a wide range of items on offer and they vary in price from £10 to over £100, it will really depend on your budget. Considering that these are sterling silver and that they are handmade to suit your specifications, I think the prices are quite reasonable.

These would definitely make fantastic Christmas gifts for partners or grandparents, those people on whom you spend that little bit extra each year.

Don’t forget to say PlayPennies at the checkout so you can get your free silver initial! Christmas orders need to be placed by 29th November and kits returned by 6th December for Christmas delivery.


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