50% Off Everything @ Funmum

50% Off Everything @ Funmum

funmumIt's for this week only and it ends on Sunday so mums-to-be in need of snazzy back to school outfits had better get online and get shopping! Yes, 50% off absolutely everything in store and there is a lot of fabulous stuff to choose from. Although, and it annoys me to have to say this, there are items that have not been reduced to as low as 50%. I really hate it when stores blatantly lie. Do they think we can't tell the difference between 30% and 50%?

Anyway, now that I've finished ranting let's take a look at the sale. I know that I'm dreading the "meet the other parents and form a network" thing when my child starts school this year and have already invested in new shoes and clothes. I know, I know, I'm sad. But I'd hate for my child to not get playdates with children she likes because the other parents are frightened of her mother.

So, here we have a plethora of funky mum clothes that can last you the rest of the summer season. Some of it can even be bolstered and added to for the winter run that's approaching (far too fast for my liking!). Hopefully there will be something here to tempt and amaze you, especially since the sale is so good.

There's mum wear, breastfeeding wear, maternity wear and clothes for all occasions in all those categories. Good luck!

Thanks to sherry4283 at HUKD!


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