Toys R Us Autism Friendly Shopping Event Is Back!

11 March 2015

Capture The Toys R Us Autism Friendly Shopping Event is back, and the next one is scheduled for 29 March 2015.  The times of the events in England and Wales are 9am to 11am, Scotland 8am to 10am, and Northern Ireland is 11am to 1pm*. After these times, the stores will be open to the public. (Please note that you will not be able to pay for your shopping till  10am (Scotland), 11am (England & Wales) or 1pm (Northern Ireland) due to Sunday trading laws).

The main difference between this event - in honour of World Autism Awareness Week- and a regular shopping day is a 'relaxed shopping environment'. This means that on this day there will be reduced fluorescent lighting, no loud music or tannoy announcements and autism friendly signage, which are just some of the initiatives they'll be carrying out to ensure a more calming influence in store. 

Toys R Us promise a lovely event which has "helped so many families in encouraging their growing children to venture into a world that can sometimes be very scary, daunting and unnerving to them".

Due to Sunday Trading legislation, Toys“R”Us are unable to perform any sales transactions, process any Direct purchases or complete any Returns until the official store opening time at 10am (Scotland), 11am (England & Wales) or 1pm (Northern Ireland).
This may cause concerns to some families whose children may struggle with the patience of waiting between choosing their items and their parents being able to pay for them. Any parents, who wish to return later that morning to pay for shopping, will be offered this opportunity.

*Exceptional Times: Bayswater 10am to 12pm, Burton 9am to 10.30am Kingston 10am to 11am, Silverburn 8am to 10am, Stirling 9am to 11am.

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  • MhoMho
    It's odd that you can't pay for your shopping until 10am in Scotland. Sunday trading laws are very relaxed in Scotland and there's nothing to stop Toys R Us taking payment earlier (unless they're selling alcohol, which I doubt!). If this is accurate it's a shame because I imagine having to hang around to the end to pay will make the event less autism friendly.

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