School Lunch Bag,Drinks Bottle,Box Sandwich Set £7.94 @ Netpricedirect

10 August 2014

Lunch Boxes If your little one is off to preschool, lunch club or school this year, you may be wondering what to use as a lunch box. Well we can't answer that question for you, but here are four really sweet sandwich box sets that fit in a lunch bag, along with a drinks bottle, and in much loved themes, which should help! They're all £5.99 with £1.95 delivery, so £7.94 all in.

The bag is an insulated canvas lunchbag so it should keep things cool - and warm things warm - , and a sandwich box and 350ml sports bottle, which I take to mean one of those where you lift the nozzle up, which should technically reduce or prevent any leakage.

I find if my kids are excited about the presentation of their food, they are happier to eat it. I suppose eating with your eyes starts long before gourmet food!

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