Bob The Builder Bumper Puzzle Pack £5.40 @ Debenhams

7 January 2013

Debenhams are selling this Bob the Builder Bumper Puzzle Pack for £5.40, its original full price was £18 - that's a lot of puzzle for your money right there!

It's amazing, you know, I could have sworn I'd written about this Bob the Builder Bumper Puzzle Pack before but, having looked through the archives, it turns out I haven't written about any Bob the Builder puzzles...EVER!

SO, here we go for a first: this Bob the Builder Bumper Puzzle Pack is...well, a bumper pack of Bob the Builder puzzles - it really doesn't get much more obvious than that!

There are 10 little puzzles, with 19 and 20 pieces each, in the box and all feature everyone's favourite Bob characters.  Muck was always my favourite, along with Pilchard the cat.

You really can't go wrong with puzzles: they're fun, they're satisfying to do and complete and they develop a whole host of skills - problem solving, sorting, pattern recognition - in the process.

You can arrange to collect your Bob the Builder Bumper Puzzle Pack from your nearest Debenhams store for free, or you can choose standard delivery for free too - Debenhams' standard delivery is within four days.

Thanks to robston78 at HUKD

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