33% Off Launch @ Tute.com

8 December 2011

Tutors Direct is a brand, shiny, new website that gives you access to a library of videos that have been designed to show parents how kids are taught at school along with expert answers to homework problems, access to accredited teachers and more. You can now get a 15 month subscription for only £50 as part of their launch offer.

I love, love, love this site. I’ve had some real problems trying to get more information from our school as to how they are teaching my kids. They are vague and a bit difficult to get answers out of, making it very hard for me to help my child get the most out of her education.

What I love about this site, other than the fact that the price is very low for such a great resource, is that you have instant videos that explain everything to parents. You also get help with homework, a tutor who can either teach your child face to face or online, and plenty more. I am going to dive into this site for sure, especially with this fab special offer.

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