Wooden Heart Jigsaw Wedding Guest Book £13.99 @ Tesco Direct

Wooden Heart Jigsaw Wedding Guest Book £13.99 @ Tesco Direct

We know how much you loved this gorgeous alternative to a traditional wedding guest book when we showed it to you before. However we have just found it at an even better price!

This Boho Wooden Jigsaw Guest Book is available at Tesco Direct for just £13.99 including free Click and Collect.

All you have to do is ask your guests to each sign a jigsaw piece or write a message and then slot the pieces back together to form a large heart.

It makes a great talking point and can be on display at home after your big day, meaning you can read your messages whenever you like. It's much nicer than a traditional guest book which you would most likely stick in the cupboard and hardly look at!

The large wooden heart contains 58 pieces so if you have more guests it may be advisable to buy more than one or have couples or families sign just one piece. The jigsaw measures 47 x 42 cm.

If you would prefer to have your guest book delivered it will cost £3.


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  • Steph B.

    Ah fab! Can't believe its only that price! I am going to order one! Xxx

    • Charlotte M.

      It's a nice idea! I like it xxx

      • Charlotte M.

        Gutted! I had a flipping book lol xxx

        • Amie P.

          I like these but I already have 2 different guest book/signing hearts lol x

          • Kirsty W.

            This is a good idea :) xxxx

            • Husna M.

              Aw thats cute we have ordered our guest book stuff already ;-)

              • Louise D.

                You're best to glue it and get them to sign them otherwise wrong sides are written on or upside down lol xx

                • Tessa M.

                  I 100% endorse this it's so cute!

                  • Natalie L.

                    :heart_eyes: such a cute idea I love it xx

                    • Charlotte W.

                      Aww - love this idea! Knowing me, I'd lose a piece :joy:

                      • Katie D.

                        Lovely idea but not enough pieces lol x

                        • Jennifer F.

                          This is really lovely xxx

                          • Louise K.

                            Ooo that's different. :grinning:x

                            • Gillian N.

                              I like it somthing diffrent

                              • Laura G.

                                Aww that's so lovely.. unless I lost a piece x

                                • Emily W.

                                  I like this it's really cute xx

                                  • Claire M.

                                    Awwww gorgeous eh :ok_hand::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

                                    • Lianne F.

                                      Thats different, not seen one like that before x