Wedding Milestone Cards - Set Of 10 £1.80 (Was £6) @ Paperchase

Wedding Milestone Cards - Set Of 10 £1.80 (Was £6) @ Paperchase

I have been on the lookout for some of those Milestone Wedding Cards*, but at £12.99 they are a touch pricey. Imagine my delight when I found a much cheaper alternative over on Paperchase. The Wedding First Moments Milestone Cards are reduced from £6 to just £1.80. Much better and won't eat into your wedding budget at all.

You get 10 card props in the Wedding First Moments Milestone Cards Set. These all have milestones written on that mark poignant moments, in the planning of your big day.

Expect to find milestones such as "No more stress, I found the dress'", "#Bridesquad" and "A week until the wedding" and more!

Hundreds and thousands are spent on your wedding day, so it seems logical to me to enjoy it and remember the lead up as much as you can.

Use these cards as photo props to keep track of those special moments before you get married.


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  • Ruth C.

    you should've got these!!!

    • Emma B.

      Cute :blush:

      • Emma B.

        8months tomorrow :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

        • Ruth C.

          It will be here before you know it!! Then Mrs Seymour for life!!!

        • Nicola R.

          wedding milestone cards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

          • Hannah M.

            Ahhh these are so cute! Xx

          • Ashleigh S.

            I've just seen these. Gonna order them xx

            • Hayley S.

              I swear I need to get remarried for all this pretty stuff

              • Stephanie C.

                It’s so hard to not go crazy, Pinterest is killing the budget! :money_mouth:

                • Keleigh N.

                  Remind me when I’ve lost weight

                  • Laura B.

                    Just seen this hehe :heart_eyes_cat: xx

                    • Annabel H.

                      I need these!!! Everyone's going to be so sick of me banging on about it :joy::joy:

                      • Tasha S.

                        Literally just bought some!! Love them!!

                        • Louise S.

                          Eeeeek :grimacing::grimacing:. #countdown #wheredoibeginwithplanning x

                          • Paige M.

                            Ive got some of these :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                            • Lisa S.

                              OMG I wanted some of these but they’re normally like £15. You’re the best :sparkling_heart:

                              • Sharon B.

                                Knew you would like them x

                                • Abbie H.

                                  I’ve got these :grin::heart_eyes: xxx

                                  • Jemma F.

                                    Oh my god I love them!!!! Xxx

                                    • Emma L.

                                      You're super organised....the big day will all come together x

                                      • Georgie-May L.

                                        I’ve already got these. They are so cute aren’t they!? :heart:

                                        • Lisa H.

                                          Thats such a good idea. Xxx

                                          • Aimée W.

                                            Love them :heart_eyes: can’t wait for them to come xx

                                            • Poppy L.

                                              Well I needed to show someone and thought you two are the only engaged girls I know atm!