Save £20 On Personalised M&M's Wedding Favours

Save £20 On Personalised M&M's Wedding Favours

Anyone in need of wedding favours? How about this for something completely different - personalised M&M's! You can now save £20 off purchases of £150 or more with the code WEDDING2017-UK. Just enter the code at the checkout for your saving.

These fun favours are fully customisable so that they can match your wedding theme with a choice of 15 colours, plus you can add the wedding date, or even a picture of the bride and groom too! That's your face on chocolate - how fab is that!

You can buy ready made M&M's Wedding Favours* using your choice of chocolate and your own name, date or picture in a variety of packaging, like hearts, favour bags, table cards and so on.

You can also buy the sweets by weight and make your own M&M's favours*, fill jars, or get the kits to package them yourself at home, as that usually saves a fair bit of money.

Remember to add the code WEDDING2017-UK to get £20 off every £150 purchase, and that code is valid for the whole of 2017.


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  • Kirwann M.

    Some thing different lol x

    • Catherine M.

      I was just looking at these :joy:

      • Becki E.

        Teeeeeny bit too expensive for us I think lol x

        • Hartyn M.

          I actually love M&Ms a stupid amount

          • Lisa M.

            Offft the price of them :joy::joy: xx

            • Louise D.

              That's wonderful! Are they that big as well! :laughing:

              • Sarah C.

                These are amazing:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:How good is that!:grin:I need! Xxx

                • Jenna T.

                  They are lovely! We are having Krispy Kreme donuts :joy:

                  • Fiona B.

                    I like the look of them xx

                    • Roo S.

                      Think it might just be easier to change our names to M&M haha x

                      • Sarah L.

                        Ooooh!!!! I like these :revolving_hearts:

                        • Sammi C.

                          I must admit, for a second there i thought you were encouraging me to supply some sort of pills on the day :see_no_evil::joy::joy:

                          • Sarah-louise F.

                            Sooo cool but £150 on m&m's john would kill me lolxx

                            • Jodie E.

                              What a clever idea! Thanks :kissing_heart:

                              • Hannah R.

                                these are great! getting them :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: xxxxxxxx

                                • Nicola C.

                                  Aw that is such a good idea :blush:x x

                                  • Robyn W.

                                    Oooo iv seen these. Got my favours sorted now tho cx

                                    • Jennifer E.

                                      £85 for 1.5kg bag. It's worth getting that then anything else as it's all sold in batches of 10 so everything else is £74+ could do m&ms instead of almonds. Plus you can buy the little coloured bags yourself from ebay for a couple of quid xxxx

                                      • Louise O.

                                        Id prob be same if was me getting married xx

                                        • Charlotte O.

                                          Gaz has already said he wants them lol xxx