Children's Wedding Activity Pack x 4 £1.92 With Free Delivery @ Amazon

Children's Wedding Activity Pack x 4 £1.92

If you're planning a wedding or are taking your children to a wedding as guests these could be great for keeping them occupied and happy. You can get a set of 4 Children's Wedding Activity Packs for just £1.92 with free delivery at Amazon.

These are available from several different Amazon sellers at this price, and all offer free home delivery as well.

You get a pack of four of the Wedding Activity Packs for £1.92, so they work out at just 48p each.

They're a box that opens out and has activities printed on the inside of the box, plus four more mini activity sheets inside. You also get a set of colouring pencils or crayons in the box as well. The activities are a mix of games, puzzles, colouring and so on, all with a wedding theme.

If you have children at a wedding theses could be the perfect way to keep the happy at the tables during the speeches, or as an alternative to a wedding favour for the little ones.

Reviews are great, and at this price they're an absolute bargain!

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  • Leanne R.

    I saw these and totally going to get them!

  • Kirsty G.

    I ordered them last night x

  • Helen F.

    Ooooooo I like these....we're going to do a table of activities as well and the kids have sent out their own invites for fancy dress at the reception :blush: xx

  • Claire G.

    Need these for birthdays too

  • Helen F.

    Lol I've just ordered a load :joy: xxx

  • Emily M.

    Yeah I've seen something similar, going to add them to the kids pack :thumbsup:

  • Paris H.

    Thats brill i will deffo buy that

  • Kimberley R.

    They look great also the price :ok_hand:. Thank you x

  • Robyn M.

    Absolutely! !! Fab idea xxx

  • Becca G.

    I have this saved in my photos :joy:

  • Rhiannon W.

    They look wicked thanks xxx

  • Kerry C.

    wee idea for the kids eh xx

  • Ashley S.

    I already look at some off theses :joy: xd

  • Rosemarie C.

    This is a good site for ideas xxxx

  • Ashley S.

    Yeah I'm just going have a look xx

  • Victoria F.

    I'll get them ordered then :grinning: xo

  • Katie S.

    I'm so ordering these.. thankyou :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Abbie J.

    Quite a couple of kids coming as well so that should keep them quiet lol x

  • Alice P.

    The ones I see were more expensive then this! Lol x

  • Rachel C.

    Im going to make activity packs :blush:

  • Aimee J.

    These are good. I've been looking for little activity packs but they all seem to be so big! These would be perfect size xx

  • Aimee H.

    They look awesome!! Would be worth looking in to these kind of things xx

  • Clare C.

    Perfect, thank you :thumbsup::kissing_heart:

  • Roisin M.

    I've already got these

  • April G.

    I was trying to think of things for the kids! Good call! Xxx

  • Stacey C.

    We had these they were great x

  • Anne D.

    This is a great idea!!! Thanks!

  • Tonia H.

    See these on amazon they gd idea while having the meal xx

  • Claire S.

    I've had these in my wish list for a while now! Must order some!

  • Stephanie G.

    These are fab! Definitely going to have to get some, thanks :relaxed: x

  • Gemma B.

    Yessssss great idea will be getting them!!!! Xxxxxx

  • Samantha P.

    Thank you! I'll have a think :blush: x

  • Lisa W.

    Thanks, have them already. They are a good buy xx

  • Laura C.

    Ooh these look really good! X

  • Catriona O.

    They're fab! Will have a look at them! :-) Thanks xx

  • Emma B.

    Awwwh I love them. So cute. Gonna need plenty things like that for the squad of kids we'll have there :heart_eyes::smile::boy::girl::boy::girl::boy::girl::joy: xxxxxx

  • Louise L.

    Thankyou I've just ordered! :grinning::grinning:

  • Becky D.

    Thank you! I have these already , well organised me xx

  • Laura H.

    Aw thanks they're really good :) xx

  • Michelle M.

    I've wee boxes im gonna make up similar to those x

  • Lauren W.

    we had boxes for the children at our wedding x helps during speeches etc x

  • Nicole C.

    I'v started making my own :) xx

  • Ayesha K.

    This looks like a good idea x

  • Ellie R.

    i didn't know they were a thing, the idea looks good ! xx

  • Orla K.

    We aren't allowed crayons in Darver, well in the banquet hall anyhow :sob:

  • Sarah H.

    Already got some they're actually not that bad! Lol bit smaller than I imagined but kids will like them :grin:

  • Nicola M.

    Thanks.. ordered :raising_hand_tone2:

  • Vicki W.

    Oh I've been looking for these!

  • Karen M.

    Got something similar. Thanks xx

  • Mellisa D.

    Yea Mrs I've used this as an inspiration there class X

  • Melanie C.

    Yeay remind me to order some x

  • Emma K.

    Yes have thought about these just haven't ordered any yet :grinning:

  • Becky A.

    Aww we want to do these :D!!xxx

  • Taylor A.

    My sister has just ordered these aren't they ace! Xxx

  • Victoria W.

    I'm going to order these x

  • Sophie E.

    Oh yeeeeeh!!! They look great! :grinning:

  • Rachel S.

    We had these at our wedding and the kids loved them, were great when waiting for the food to be served and during the speeches :relaxed:

  • Abbie N.

    We will need lots of copies! X

  • Laura J.

    There really good we've bought loads for the kids to do so should be ok xxx

  • Josie K.

    Fantastic! Getting these!

  • Laura-Marie R.

    I’d thought of doing kids favours! Keeps them entertained and gives Mum & Dad a break haha

  • Jenna B.

    Av got these they look fab xxxx

  • Em P.

    Deffo need some of these for tge 15children lol

  • Becky E.

    i got them already :grin::grin:

  • Jodie W.

    Ah nice one! I need to buy things for the kids! x

  • Lauren B.

    I was thinking about doing these for the little ones!! :joy::thinking:

  • Michelle H.

    I’ve ordered some lol x

  • Francesca M.

    Already brought them! :grin: xx

  • Grace A.

    Colouring in always settles them lol. What we did to keep guest entertained when we spent 64348448 hours getting our photos taken was have the photo booth while that happened instead of at night. People love props :joy::joy:

  • Aideen M.

    Yes actually. I’ll have a look at these :thumbsup_tone2: x

  • Julie M.

    That’s got to be worth a look

  • Whitney G.

    Oh thank you!! Been trying to find good ones!xx

  • Gabi C.

    I need to put some little hampers together for them to keep them occupied through the meal and speeches so these are ideal :grin::thumbsup:

  • Katie J.

    Thanks! Just ordered two sets :upside_down:

  • Sally W.

    Already got them!! Great minds! Xx

  • Amy A.

    That’s a good idea! Keep them nice and quiet

  • Nicki C.

    Oh there a good idea arnt they, I’ll have to get some xx

  • Jenna D.

    thanks, thats a well good idea :grinning: xx

  • Kirsty B.

    Oh thank u going to order some now I am xx

  • Vicky M.

    Thankyou. These are fab xxx

  • Danielle P.

    Yeah I thought of these good idea aren’t the xxx

  • Katie I.

    That's a fab idea! There will be quite a few kiddies xx

  • Sammi B.

    My cousin had these at their wedding this weekend, they were fab! Kept the kids entertained :relaxed:

  • Hayley S.

    Not just for the kids... i like these for me xx

  • Anna M.

    Ohhh wow these will keep munchkins busy x

  • Dana S.

    Perfect il order these Friday haha xxx

  • Laura-jayne H.

    These are next on my list!

  • Carly B.

    They’re good! I was thinking of getting something like this. X

  • Danielle R.

    Looks fab! I’d probably end up completing one too :relaxed:

  • Lisa H.

    I saw these. Definitely going to get them for the kids. Great idea.xx

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