Bridesmaid Dresses From Just £20 @ Boohoo

Bridesmaid Dresses From Just £20 @ Boohoo

We all know weddings can be expensive so if you can save a few £££'s along the way then go for it! We have found a gorgeous range of bridesmaid dresses starting from just £20 over at Boohoo.

There's plenty of colours and styles to choose from so if you are planning your wedding then you must take a look!

Here are a few of the dresses that caught my eye:

There's plenty more to choose from, sizes are selling fast so don't hang around if you want to order!

Home delivery is free when you spend £25 or more, take a look at the delivery codes on the Boohoo website that offer a discount or even free delivery at different times of the day.

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  • Keyleigh T.

    Ooooo! These look good :slight_smile:. Xx

  • Donna H.

    I know you haven't planned it yet but how cheap and gorgeous are these cNish

    • Amy M.

      Aww some of those are really pretty!

  • Phoebie B.

    Thank you , some of them are really pretty :blush: xx

  • Alice B.

    That’s really pretty! X

  • Mabel L.

    I’ve got all mine now :see_no_evil: wish I had looked better.. that’s a bargain! X

  • Jane P.

    Im not keen on any of these ha xx

  • Kerrie A.

    There’s a few nice ones and even one with 3 diff styles. One to suit us all

  • Karen C.

    I will look at these some day next week lol

  • Ruth J.

    Saw these last night love the right hand one

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