Bride & Hen Party @ Asda George

Bride & Hen Party @ Asda George

The wedding season is well under way, and if you are getting married or know someone who is then you might want to take a look at the Bride and Hen Party items at Asda George. They have some wonderful novelty nightwear and underwear for brides and hens at great prices so it's well worth a look.

There are some fab pyjamas for £8, nightdresses for £7, underwear from £3, and a Bride-to-be robe as well.

These are just the thing for that all-important Hen do, or for the big day itself for the bride and bridesmaids.

Earlier this year Asda sold some of these items but they sold out within days, so if you want some of these you need to be really quick off the mark this time! At the moment stocks are good, but we predict a quick sell out!

Almost all of these items are online exclusives so you can't get them in stores. You can click and collect from Asda stores for free, or home delivery costs £2.95 per order.


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  • Rachael W.

    think I need these :joy::joy::joy:

    • Judi L.

      They are fab :joy:

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      • Lauren P.

        we all need these. xxx

        • Louise M.

          These are lovely X X

          • Lauren P.

            They do knickers saying bridesmaid too and slippers haha. Xx

            • Amy J.

              Ahhhh thats the one i bought meself hahaha!!! Love them xxx

              • Lauren P.

                You silly buga u don't buy things like that!! No more mind! I might get them for the hen do too haha. Xxx

                • Amy J.

                  haha i just seen how cheap it was so ordered it lol i'll get on the case dont u worry xxx

                  • Lauren P.

                    Your not buying anything! Xxx

                    • Amy J.

                      I need ideas anyway xzz

                      • Lauren P.

                        Nah u don't haha. I will give ideas but not purchasing haha. Xxx

                        • Amy J.

                          U arent tellin me what to get for your prezzies man!!! Ha xxx

                          • Lauren P.

                            Oh right got Ya haha. Blonde moment haha xxx

                          • Joanne B.

                            think we should get these? Xxx

                            • Donna T.

                              Aww Already got some lovely!! :heart_eyes::thumbsup: xx

                              • Rere C.

                                Love erm xxx

                                • Ceri V.

                                  I love them!!! Xx

                                  • Maxine A.

                                    Thank you :) x

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                                      I love these!

                                      • Sarah M.

                                        Lovely :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: xxxx

                                        • Emma S.

                                          how do u order these

                                          • Suzi R.

                                            these r cool and they're pink!

                                            • Gemma R.

                                              These are so cute !

                                              • Michaela F.

                                                Love !!!!

                                                • Sarah W.

                                                  They cool girls xx

                                                  • Ali S.

                                                    Oooo love these xx

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                                                      They are fab :heart_eyes::bride_with_veil::tophat: x

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                                                        I was looking at these X

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                                                          Aw there lovely! I'll have a wee look. Xxx

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                                                            These are cute!