The 7p Valentine's Day Card

The 7p Valentine's Day Card

Asda are selling a Valentine's Day Card to suit the most tight-fisted lover of them all. Costing just 7p, the Card comes looks exactly like Asda's budget 'Smart Price' range. It may read 'Be Smart', and some might argue that it is 'smart' indeed to fork out just 7p for a Valentine's Card. On the other hand it may turn out to be not-so-clever if your Valentine, may that be your Wife or Crush, doesn't see the humorous side to it.

These Asda 'Be Smart' Valentine's Day Cards are difficult to get your hands on. They are very sought after, but are worth having a look for in your local Asda if you are passing. We can't seem to find them online so in store looks like the only way to bag one.

Valentine's Day is on the 14th February, which falls on a Saturday this year. I reckon because of that, more couples will celebrate the day of love than if it was on any other day of the week.

Keep your eyes peeled on here, as we will be posting more Valentine's Day deals as we get closer to it.

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