Baileys 1 Litre Original / Orange / Coffee £12 @ Tesco From 10th to 16th February

9 February 2016
Bailey's 1 Litre £12 @ Tesco

I'm one of the few people who doesn't 'do' Valentine's Day, but I think I might have to make an exception as I've seen something I want and it's on offer... Bailey's 1 Litre bottles will be £12 from tomorrow at Tesco!

There are three different flavours all showing as reduced from £20 to £12 a bottle from Wednesday 10th February to Tuesday 16th February - the Original, Orange Truffle and Coffee.

The offer will be in stores and for online grocery customers and will be subject to availability.

I think at that price there will be a fair few bottles snapped up for Valentine's treats, and even more from people like me who class it as their favourite tipple.

And you could always pick up another bottle for Mum as well - Mother's Day is really early this year and is less than a month away on 6th March!

If you have any left over you could always try making some Baileys Brownies with it... though I will not have any leftovers. ;)

Remember to drink responsibly folks.

Thanks to janenmark

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