Asda Are Selling Loveheart Crumpets For Valentine's Day!

Asda Are Selling Valentine's Day Crumpets

Here's something I never knew my breakfast was missing.... Asda are selling Loveheart Crumpets for Valentine's Day!

Following on from the success of their Pumpkin and Christmas Tree shaped crumpets, Asda have launched these new Loveheart Crumpets at just £1 for a pack of four, so you can serve up some breakfast or a tea time treat with love.

They're available in stores and online now, and if the sales of Pumpkin and Christmas Tree Crumpets are anything to go by they could be hard to get your hands on!

Whether your Valentine will be satisfied with a crumpet only you can say, but I know my kids will love the novelty of them, even if my hubby won't be bothered what shape his brekkie comes in!

Now let's just hope the Easter Bunny Crumpets are coming back again this year too...

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  • Rachel B.

    for Henry’s valentines lunch!

    • Lucy D.

      Yes! I'll definitely get him some! X

  • Dawn M.

    Sophie would love these! X

  • Suzi B.

    Need to get my butt to Asda lol x

  • Mel M.

    Oooh yes, we need to get some of these :heart_eyes:

  • Emma S.

    OMG! Yesssss! Funny I just popped to the garage and bought some crumpets :joy::joy: xxx

  • Marie B.

    i really fancy a crumpet now might have to send one of my lovely children to get some for me xxx

  • Porter T.

    Id love that . :grin:

  • Sara H.

    Be best gift ever :joy::joy:

  • Rebecca D.

    The love birds would like these. I know I would with lots of butter lol. :laughing:

  • Gemma Y.

    They have them in Tesco Mickleover too hehe x

  • Hayleigh T.

    I can imagine his wee face :joy:

  • Laura F.

    Absolutely love crumpets like!!!

  • Gem S.

    Yeah I’m going to get some so cute aren’t they xx

  • Rachael C.

    Aww yes i need some for next saturday x

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