Unicorn Shortbread Biscuit Kit £1.65 @ Asda

Unicorn Shortbread Biscuit Kit £1.65 @ Asda

With the colder weather well on the way, my daughter and I like nothing more than to do a spot of baking on a Sunday morning. We like to keep it simple as all my 5 year old wants to do is eat the cake or biscuits so quick-to-make baking kits are a godsend!

I have got to get my hands on this Unicorn Biscuit Kit from Asda! It looks amazing and at just £1.65 it's a bargain too!

What I love most about these baking kits is they eliminate the need for weighing all your ingredients, which in my opinion is the most tedious part! Open the box and all your ingredients are weighed and named and ready to be used.

In fact with this unicorn baking kit all you have to do is add butter, everything else is included. This kit makes a shortbread biscuit and includes all the decorations you will need too.

However I also came across these cute Unicorn Sprinkles* for just £1, they are definitely worth getting for further biscuit or cupcake making!

This unicorn biscuit kit is available in store too so keep your eyes peeled on your next visit.


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  • Kym D.

    Aww I'll need to remember and buy them with my shopping x

    • Leanne H.

      As much as I want too, I can’t make these everyone already thinks I have an obsession with unicorns.... :weary:

      • Lucy M.

        Oh wow I'm gonna have to make these with Amelia x

        • Kelly R.

          Well have a fun day making them :) xxx

          • Michelle P.

            You don’t actually get a unicorn cutter in the box tho!! :scream:

            • Jennifer P.

              I was wondering that. Would have been the only reason id buy as its cheaper than the cutters lol

              • Michelle P.

                Jennifer Payne you get a template to cut out! We ended up using heart and flower cutters instead!

              • Lana A.

                Awww our girlies would love these! Half term activity. :thumbsup: XxX

                • Amy W.

                  I saw them the other day lol

                  • Lindsey W.

                    Warning - it doesn't come with a cutter - you have to cut out a cardboard template!!! Xx

                    • Kerry G.

                      Saw them yesterday but ya don’t get the cutter oath it!

                      • Dani E.

                        They would love these! Xx

                        • Cara E.

                          You know this is going to be my weekend activity :unicorn:

                          • Dawn M.

                            Yes I've seen these need to go to asda x

                            • Kiki N.

                              How do I get the unicorn shape?! Xx

                              • Alexandra B.


                                • Kerry G.

                                  Exactly. I opened one of the boxes to see n no cutter

                                  • Lillie C.

                                    omg! i need these!!!! xxx

                                    • Kerry F.

                                      I know!!!! We need to purchase these tomorrow :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:

                                      • Julie W.

                                        Oh these look lovely I'll get them next time I'm there thanks xx

                                        • Leonie N.

                                          Aww I need to buy these :heart:

                                          • Shelley H.

                                            Well that's bit amazing xx