Unicorn Heat Change Mug £3.20 Using Code @ The Works (Expired)

Unicorn Heat Change Mug £3.20 Using Code @ The Works (Expired)

EDIT: Keeps coming in and out of stock, so keep checking back!

This is no ordinary mug... it's a Unicorn Heat Change Mug, and it's half price at The Works! You can now bag yourselves this cup with magical heat sensitive properties for just £3.20 instead of the RRP of £8! It's listed as £4 but use the code VBOX20 and you get an extra 20% off.

When it's cold this cup will be black with a prancing unicorn on it, but add a hot drink and it will begin to change into a colourful pastel picture, complete with 'I Believe' slogan and a beautiful rainbow!

This is sure to sell fast at this price, so you need to be quick to nab this one.

You can click and collect your Unicorn Heat Change Mug for free from The Works store, or home delivery is free on orders of £20 or more and costs £2.99 when you spend less.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey


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  • Tanya C.

    Omg i have like 5 unicorn cups tho

    • Gem S.

      Oooooh now this is awesome!!!

      • Anjela C.

        That's cute :) James got me a unicorn travel mug for Xmas, and a unicorn glass with my name on it :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn: xx

        • Samantha B.

          Says out of stock :neutral_face::neutral_face:

          • Gemma W.

            :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Omg I need :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

            • Gemma W.

              Will they have them in store?

              • Gillian D.

                Oooh this would match my new birthday jammies

                • Gemma W.

                  Out of stock :persevere::persevere::persevere:

                  • Roma L.

                    Oooooh pretty I need this in my life.:purple_heart::unicorn:

                    • Lwz B.

                      Cool arnt they mifht have to get one myself x

                      • Louise P.

                        A 'must have' for the staff room. Xx

                        • Paige-Leanne S.

                          The only thing that could make a cuppa better :joy::grin:

                          • Abigail G.

                            :anguished: I can't believe we don't have these

                            • Nicola C.

                              I got the exact same mug in peacocks recently if that helps anyone :-)

                              • Francesca M.

                                It's lovely but black mugs give me the heebie geebies. Not sure why, maybe too much like blackboards. :joy:

                                • Charlotte F.

                                  This is a need, not a want

                                  • Danii L.

                                    They're outta stock online i checked but weston have them lol xx

                                    • Danii L.

                                      Peacocks sell them too apparently xx

                                      • Rebecca M.

                                        They're back in stock!!! Just got one :heart:

                                        • Jemma M.

                                          Omg , these need to be back in stock

                                          • Hayley B.

                                            When they are we are getting matching ones