'That's Not My Unicorn..' Book: Available To Pre-Order Now

'That's Not My Unicorn..' Book:  Available To Pre-Order Now

Are you ready for this Unicorn fans? Usborne books have announced the release of a 'That's Not My Unicorn..' Book!

It will be the 50th book in the series, and will have the familiar touch and feel fun for babies and young children, with a bit of added unicorn magic.

It will be released in the UK on 6th July 2017, and you will be able to buy it from all the usual book retailers, with the best offer right now being Wordery* where it's £6.22 with free delivery.

You can also pre-order now from Amazon*, Usborne*, or The Book Depository*.

At present most have it for the full RRP of £6.99 or just under that, though we will keep a close eye for any offers, as this is sure to be a hugely popular title.


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  • Hayley G.

    another one for the collection lol

    • Hayley W.

      ! I need this for Sky!!! :speak_no_evil:

      • Julie E.

        Comes out in July chick xxx

        • Hayley W.

          Oooooh good! Remind me in July! lol xx

          • Julie E.

            I may have to have a unicorn release party x

          • Abi B.

            Defo gonna order that reet now

            • Claire H.

              :grimacing: need this one to add to my collection x

              • Lynsey M.

                Oh my god we need this! X

                • Jodie J.

                  :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: Lily needs this!!!!

                  • Laura A.

                    Perfect! Thanks :heart_eyes::unicorn: x

                    • Mags C.

                      I think Alfie will like this x

                      • Julie-anne J.

                        Not released until July though :persevere: x x

                        • Carla W.

                          Remember Zack used 2 luv his book like this. I'll defo get it 4 my Isla x

                          • Lucy M.

                            My unicorns mane would be extra fluffy :joy: xx

                            • Laura B.

                              Carly NEEDS this :heart_eyes::unicorn: xx

                              • Laura F.

                                I need this, for imogen of course :grin::unicorn::hearts:

                                • Stephanie S.

                                  Aww Scarlett would love this:heart_eyes:xx

                                  • Jennifer O.

                                    Love these books but never seen unicorn one before! X

                                    • Molly W.

                                      :heart_eyes: That's got to be the best kids book ever!!! Love me a :unicorn: x

                                      • Jenny W.

                                        Oh my god :joy::joy::joy::joy: they're literally bringing out on of everything unicorn related :joy::joy::joy::joy:

                                        • Nicola T.

                                          You can never have too many of these! :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

                                          • Kim V.

                                            Ooh I've just ordered thanks! For Iris obviously :joy::laughing:

                                            • Heather W.

                                              I seriously need to find more of these books x