NEW Unicorn Tableware Including Teapot From £3 @ Asda George

NEW Unicorn Tableware Including Teapot From £3 @ Asda George

Oh my days, I am in love with the new collection of Unicorn Tableware at Asda George! It unsurprisingly keeps selling out but it is back and I am ordering while I can!

We already told you about the Unicorn Dinner Service but there are now even more lovely items available. Here are the fab unicorn themed items we found:

Isn't it just gorgeous! I have no doubt this collection is going to sell fast, if you have your eye on something don't hang around as I would hate for you to be disappointed!

Home delivery is £2.95, Click and Collect is free of charge to your local Asda store.


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  • Emily B.

    !!!!! Omg we HAVE to buy these for our little Dawny!!!!

    • Jo K.

      Dont bother , she hates them !

      • Emily B.

        Fuck off. She loves them!!!!

        • Jo K.

          Seriously i got her a cup , she pretended to like it in person but months later told me she hates them :joy: . So do I :relaxed:

          • Emily B.

            That’s it then. Unicorns for both of you!!

            • Emily B.

              How the fuhhh did you post that?!

              • Jo K.

                Im special

                • Emily B.

                  Darn tootin’

                • Becky S.

                  I didn’t see this the other day :weary:.... gonna have to order xx

                  • Claire M.

                    I want that rainbow butter dish!!! :heart_eyes:

                    • Karen N.

                      The tea pot :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I likey lol

                      • Rachel C.

                        Omg!!!! I LOVE IT :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

                        • Nadine M.

                          There was a unicorn head and Paul wouldn’t let me get it! Thought it’d be perfect in the living room or wall mounted in the hall :thinking:

                          • Lillie-may B.

                            When I have my own house they will be in there xxx :joy::joy::joy:

                            • Naomi Y.

                              Haha. Unicorns are so in right now :)

                              • Tom W.

                                it does look pretty swanky!!

                                • Leanne S.

                                  I don't even drink tea but I need it lol

                                  • Georgie R.

                                    Omg I need this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                    • Toni M.

                                      I know I saw it all in there earlier... hopefully they have some left when I get my pennies so I can complete my set :blush: I got the frying pan today lol xx

                                      • Emma L.

                                        Saw them the other day xxx

                                        • Hazel B.

                                          Oh my days!!! That’s amazing!,.

                                          • Sarah C.

                                            I have been eyeing up the tea set :slight_smile:

                                            • Wilson C.

                                              Is that a toast rack at the bottom? Evie's unicorn fingerling finally arrived today, I'm so unicorned out lol

                                              • Marcy P.

                                                I saw them a few weeks ago and I went in to see if they had them. I’d use them plates everyday haha I’m going to be screwed if daisy grows up to hate unicorns haha

                                                • Anne D.

                                                  I know I really need this :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                                  • Sarah C.

                                                    OMG i need the 2 on the left!!!!! hehe