Unicorn 12 Piece Dinner Set £25 @ Asda George

Unicorn 12 Piece Dinner Set £25 @ Asda

If you are a unicorn fan this is a must-have for your kitchen, and at the rate it's selling you'd better move fast to get it! Asda George are selling a Unicorn 12 Piece Dinner Set for £25 and it's already selling out!

The 12 piece unicorn dinner set is made from porcelain and each item comes with gold accents for a luxurious finishing touch along with the pretty pastel patterns.

Each set includes 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates and 4 bowls so £25 is not at all bad for an intricately decorated set like this.

We have no word on whether these are available in stores yet, and although you can order online right now they are on a back order with delivery expected within 2 weeks, so that should be in time for Christmas, fingers crossed!

Click and collect is not currently available, home delivery costs £2.95.

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  • Charlene P.

    My secret santa present :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Shaun H.

    Haha I will keep my eye out xx

  • Tabatha L.

    Pahaha it's beaut :heart_eyes::see_no_evil:

  • Shaun H.

    Must be popular. Is it limited addition? Or will they have it again

  • Grace M.

    Chuck out all my plates!!! X

  • Charlie W.

    Oh my God I think iv just died and gone to heaven

  • Gemma L.

    Omg I need new plates too!

  • Hannah P.

    Wahhh :sob: already sold out !! X

  • Nina B.

    I've been waiting forever for these :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Coralie S.

    As soon as I have my own place:joy:

  • Emma C.

    Awww they are pretty :heart_eyes: xxx

  • Anni M.

    U kno ill be havin these!!!

  • Louise H.

    Omg :unicorn:Omg :unicorn: Omg :unicorn: Omg :unicorn: Omg :unicorn: Omg :unicorn: Omg :unicorn: Omg :unicorn: Omg :unicorn: Omg :unicorn:

  • Samantha H.

    Yes!!! I’ve just been debating this tbh!

  • Caroline P.

    Oh my word! Imagine me hosting a dinner party :tada::joy:

  • Debra C.

    I saw these, love them... Don't think Phil would let me have them tho x

  • Sarah B.

    Jason will actually kill me :joy:

  • Rebecca K.

    I would like that but I don’t think Adam would haha x

  • Mia C.


  • Donna S.

    Erm i think i going to HAVE to get this! Love it x

  • Claire L.

    Oh..... my...... god...... neeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbara A.

    I don’t understand unicorns

  • Spindee J.

    Wow they are lovely! I might ask for them for my birthday haha x

  • Andie H.

    If they did this at a one setting then that would be great! X

  • Sam N.

    Just ordered this, ! :joy::unicorn:

    • Sam N.

      You know you’ll want to use a plate at Xmas! :laughing:

  • Zoe S.

    Omg I need these :heart_eyes: shame I have to save money now lol

  • Emma L.

    omg I need these in my life :heart:

  • J S.

    THIS!!!! This is the way forward !! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xxx

  • Karen S.

    Oh I didn’t c them in there today x

  • Mel P.

    Oh I've read it again... it's a 12 piece dinner set!! :joy: don't reckon andy would go for that!! :joy: xx

  • Rebecca T.

    Oh i didn'trealise it was 12 piece lol xx

  • Jazmin B.

    I noo in so excited haha im going to get it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: x

  • Emma S.

    Just in time for Christmas lol x

  • Jazmin B.

    Treatttt from me to me haha xx

  • Kat T.

    I love these!! I wonder if they sell just one of each? Can you imagine Tyler's face if I replaced all our plates!!! Tempted:joy: xx

  • Kristen B.

    It is indeed. How magical would xmas dinner be served on these xxx

  • Claire W.

    I ana gana have it love it xx

  • Carly H.

    I want some too!!! Need a new set mines old x

  • Rachel E.

    Can you imagine the boys faces if I got this :joy::joy: worth every penny just to see that :joy::joy:

  • Ryan M.

    They look stupid!!!! :joy::joy: xx

  • J S.

    This may well happen yet in our household :smiley: xxx

  • Kelly R.

    I’ve 3 girls - this is perfect :ok_hand_tone2:

  • Daniella D.

    My Asda didn’t have this.. but I really want it!

  • Clodágh B.

    Ordering these tomorrow when i get paid lol

  • Emily B.

    I know! Asda tomorrow :blush:

  • Francesca K.

    I shall buy you these pretty plates for Xmas xx

  • Kirsty W.

    Don’t think I’d get away with that :joy:

  • Soraya B.

    :ok_hand_tone2::grin: Just ordered thank you Hun :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Natalie H.

    They had a woodland set I really wanted too!

  • Emily W.

    Do you think the men would mind?! Lol love them :heart_eyes:

  • Carolyn M.

    Omg I need hope it's available after Christmas :joy: thanks love x

  • Carolyn M.

    If in had a spare 25 I'd buy it now lol x sure it will be there after Xmas well I hope :joy::joy: x

  • Lorene D.

    & the rainbow cutlery :joy:

  • Jaimi A.

    You should not have let me see this!

  • Gemma S.

    Already ordered this :grin::grin::grin:

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