Mr Kipling Now Makes Unicorn Slices!

Mr Kipling Now Makes Unicorn Slices!

The craze for all things unicorn has taken over everything, including our food cupboards, as now even Mr Kipling has joined in! You can now buy Mr Kipling Unicorn Slices at Asda, and they look amazing!

They're a little like Angel Slices only with a rainbow unicorn twist, as they have vanilla flavouring with a mixture of a two colour pink batter with a yellow mallow filling, and purple icing with a yellow decoration.

The new Mr Kipling Unicorn Slices will normally retail for £1.75 for a pack of six, but they are currently on offer at £1 at Asda.

Sainsbury's and Tesco will be selling them soon, with an expected launch date of March.

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