Flutterbye Flying Unicorn £9.99 (was £34.99) @ The Entertainer

Flutterbye Flying Unicorn £9.99 (was £34.99) @ The Entertainer

Got a little unicorn fan at home? The Flutterbye Flying Unicorn is now the lowest price I have seen it, as just £9.99. This toy has an RRP of £34.99, so it's a massive 70% off! You can pre-order now with stocks expected from 25th September.

This toy is amazing for kids, as the unicorn actually flies! You just put her on the decorative base, press the button, and she will leap into the air. Once she is airborne you can guide her by moving your hands to make her fly higher or lower.

The Flutterbye Flying Unicorn has glittery wings and a horn that lights up, so children will love playing with her.

The toy is suitable for children aged six and over, and it requires 6 AA batteries which are not included.

Click and collect is free of charge, but there's a £10 minimum spend to qualify. Home delivery costs £3.99, or is free on orders over £40.


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  • Sarah S.

    Ooo I want this for my bday :unicorn::heart_eyes:

    • Debbie B.

      Just got one these for her the other day xx

      • Lisa M.

        DON'T buy one of these they are awful. They need batteries in the charging dock and last about 2 mins per charge. They fly about uncontrollably and just bang into things or rip ur hair out. We bought one and tried it once. Total waste of money. X

        • Joyce T.

          My 6 year old daughter is even afraid of it that's how much noise it makes and how quick it goes

        • Nic C.

          Don't buy!!! Eats batteries, not as reactive as you think and hurts when it hits you and believe me it will hit you!

          • Joyce T.

            DON'T BUY IT. my 6 year old daughter is even afraid of it that's how much noise it makes and how quick it goes. It eats batteries fly uncontrollable.

            • Kim F.

              My daughter will just love this I've got to get it her we're can I get it from

              • Helen A.

                *gasp * LOVE !!! :heart_eyes:Goulsbra xx

                • Kelly M.

                  Oh wow il look at this when I get home from work

                  • Alison A.

                    Already got one for her birthday xx

                    • Lisa B.

                      Stop it I need to be good lol xx

                      • Gemma D.

                        I've just prepared ordered it available from tomorrow

                        • Claire P.

                          I'd like to keep my head thanks :joy:

                          • Lisa P.

                            Go on dont be a spoil sport lmaooo

                            • Claire P.

                              If I get it then can she just bring it to urs to play? :blush:

                              • Trissie N.

                                They are not available until next week I have checked but do they deliver to us

                                • Kellie B.

                                  No word of a lie i ordered this about 10 minutes ago ha ha

                                  • Lisa P.

                                    Oh I'll be out all them days :joy::joy::joy:

                                    • Sarah P.

                                      Cheers hun x The reviews on here about it aren't very good though x

                                      • Shazz R.

                                        such a shame really because it's a lovely idea just needs to be better made xx

                                        • Roisin C.

                                          she got it last year. thanks chick xxx×