Colour Changing Unicorn Bath Plug £9.99 @ Firebox

Colour Changing Unicorn Bath Plug £9.99 @ Firebox

Unicorn fans behold, your very own Colour Changing Unicorn Bath Plug! This must go to the top of the 'Things We Never Knew We Needed But Now Must Have' pile!

If you want to share your bath with your very own colour-changing magical creature then head on over to Firebox where you can get your hands on one for just £9.99.

This cute little unicorn friend is designed to give off a soothing glow whilst you bathe. It has an array of soft rainbow colours which will give your bath water a rainbow glow.

Your little unicorn will light up as soon as his belly hits the water. He has a bath plug attached to one end so you can put him in the plughole and watch him float about in the water.

He would make a great present for a little unicorn fan (or a big one too!)

Home delivery is £2.99 and becomes free when you spend £100+.


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  • Fiona M.

    You sooo need this too ! :kissing_heart: xx

    • Paul P.

      Won't kids just pull the plug out lol

      • Rebecca E.

        I have this....its amazing and looks great

        • Nicola M.

          Oh I no a girl who would love that! But they would keep pulling the plug x

          • Jade F.

            Omg so cute I want it!! :unicorn::heart_eyes:

            • Stephanie J.

              I've been looking at all this xx so cute

              • Nadine E.

                I I've seen all your comments on unicorn related posts tonight :joy: xx

                • Stephanie J.

                  Just got Iona a unicorn hoodie ordered lol with her name on back xx

                  • Nadine E.

                    Omg :see_no_evil: lol xx

                    • Stephanie J.

                      Brutal ave got ornaments too xx

                    • Susie M.

                      Omg so much yes!!!!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                      • Keira M.

                        Seen this before I'm gonna need to get it :joy:xx

                        • Paula N.

                          We have a sink but no bath :sob::sob::sob::sob: xx

                          • Daisy B.

                            :joy: can't use that, the poor unicorn would drown :cry: x

                            • Jennifer G.

                              Maybe it's light helps it float? :joy:

                              • Michelle D.

                                Love this! But agree that kids will just keep pulling it out all the time

                                • Charlotte V.

                                  Thought you might :unicorn::two_hearts: