Catherine Lansfield Single Unicorn Duvet Set £15 or Double £19 @ Very

Catherine Lansfield Single Unicorn Duvet Set £15 or Double £19 @ Very

If you're unicorn mad, like myself, then these gorgeous Unicorn Duvet Sets will be right up your street! Not only do they come in a single size for the little ones but you can also get a matching duvet set in a double size for yourself!

This gorgeous collection is by Catherine Lansfield and is available at Very. The prices are really reasonable too. Here are the items that are available:

There's so much to make a gorgeous unicorn bedroom for your little one or even for yourself! Items are selling fast so don't hang around if you have your eye on a set.

You can pick up your Unicorn goodies for FREE from a Collect+ outlet or pay £3.99 to have them delivered to your front door.


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  • Louise C.

    this ones better :grinning: xx

    • Michaela R.

      Oh yes cheers Louise oh

    • Toni A.

      I have literally just be looking at this! :dancers:

      • Helen B.

        thought it was perfect for isobelles bedroom.. she would love it! It's a twin thing :kissing_heart:

        • Holly M.

          That's lush! Need a double x

          • Gabrielle P.

            Oh unicorns :unicorn: it's very pink xx

            • Sarah S.

              Wow, love love this need this for ems new room xxx

              • Kellie S.

                Wow!!! Lucy s dream room!!!

                • Lucy H.

                  Omg the new look for my room :joy:

                  • Alison W.

                    There is now so much more to choose from!!x

                    • Sarah P.

                      I saw this on very the other day. I've have got it but I got them some already. Might need spares though haha x

                      • Claire S.

                        its cute isn't it I love the wall too x x

                        • Melanie S.

                          Spooky I was just on very looking at it when you tagged me!!

                          • Jade M.

                            Lacie would love that xxx

                            • Emma S.

                              Lol yes Amelia would love this!

                              • Sarah S.

                                My mum bought this for my daughter, it looks really nice

                                • Nici T.

                                  :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I want this in double :see_no_evil:

                                  • Beverley N.

                                    Girls would love that :heart_eyes: