Animal Alley Pink 45" Unicorn Soft Toy £29.98 (was £59.99) @ Toys R Us

Animal Alley Pink 45" Unicorn Soft Toy £29.98 (was £59.99) @ Toys R Us

If you really want to wow the kids with a unicorn toy take a look at this! Toys R Us have a huge 45" Unicorn Soft Toy for half price, so it's just £29.98 down from £59.99!

It's soft, pink and fluffy with sparkly purple hooves, a purple mane and a glittery horn. It's big enough for kids to lay or sit on so they could even use it as a big floor cushion, you just have to make sure you have the room for it!

This is a massive soft toy, I mean really mega big, but just think of the kid's faces if this was under the tree on Christmas morning?

You can click and collect for free from stores, or home delivery costs £2.99 on orders under £29.99, so you could add something small like these Frozen Olaf Wristbands* for 46p to take you over the free delivery threshold.


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  • Sam R.

    oh my freaking goodness! x

    • Katie S.

      Jaz would love this

      • Asia T.

        How to hide it before Christmas?

        • Emma C.

          Sienna and Alissa need this!

          • Katy S.

            They do but where would I put it?? And I'd have to get 2 or they'd fight so where would I put 2???

            • Emma C.

              That's not my problem if Father Christmas brings them :joy::joy::joy:

            • Samantha P.

              for a certian little girl. Xx

              • Vicky A.

                She would love it!!!! Xxx

                • Samantha P.

                  Bargain at £29.99. Xx

                  • Vicky A.

                    Certainly is!!! Xx

                  • Lesley G.

                    oh my :see_no_evil: I know 2 little girls that would like this :joy: xxx

                    • Kirsty-Jade L.

                      I need this!

                      • Josh P.

                        chrystal needs this xx

                        • Cozy R.

                          Aww it's beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

                        • Karenza C.

                          :see_no_evil: oh my goodness!! The girls would love it!

                          • Rochell C.

                            The unicorn we saw today! This 1 is 30 quid rather than 60! Tempted! Hahaa xx

                            • Nic C.

                              j think I may know someone who would like this..!! Lol x

                              • Sophie B.

                                Both would! However we already have a giant chimpanzee and huge polar bear that would probably be jealous lol x

                              • Louise P.

                                an actual fluffy unicorn for hope :joy::heart::heart:

                                • Linda F.

                                  Oh no she said the other day that Gregor was fluffy like a unicorn lol xx

                                  • Louise P.

                                    Yeah Lee said had me in stitches at least she could sit on this one lol x

                                    • Linda F.

                                      Very true lol x

                                    • Emily V.

                                      :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: girls would love these x

                                      • Tracey P.

                                        ...Elena needs this!!!!!

                                        • Katy H.

                                          look crimbo pressie :blush:

                                          • Leanne M.

                                            pixie needs this :joy:

                                            • Lisa L.

                                              beth would be all over this :joy:

                                              • Lisa P.

                                                Amelia would love this!!!

                                                • Tamsin B.

                                                  where would you put this beast?

                                                  • Marariel C.

                                                    In the centre of the living room!

                                                  • Laura E.

                                                    I think Thea needs one for Christmas!!!! :joy: