Freebies: Free Sample Of Aquafresh Fresh And Minty Or Free Toothbrush

I'm in a freebie mood today - what's not to love about something for nothing, especially when it's something that's useful and beneficial!

Aquafresh are giving away free samples of their Fresh and Minty toothpaste, or a new toothbrush, and all you have to do to claim it is sign up to join their Aquafresh club.

Aquafresh toothpaste always takes me back to being little; I remember there being much excitement when toothpaste went from being plain white (or pink a'la Mentadent P - do you remember that?) to having three stripes!

Teeth cleaning is a strange thing - my daughter has fabulous teeth and is rather proud of the fact that at 17 she has never had a filling; my eldest son (18) never liked having his teeth cleaned as a child and will avoid doing it to this very day if he can get away with it (honestly, I despair!) and my youngest son just gets on with it quietly - he doesn't love it like Ellie did, and does, he knows it's just something you do.

This latest Aquafresh freebie campaign forms part of their mission to get families cleaning their teeth more and reduce the (unacceptably) high level of tooth decay in our children.

Thanks to gother at HUKD

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    Aquafresh is the best...

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