Freebies: 20 Easter Puzzle Quizzes For Kindles @ Amazon

Do you have a Kindle?  Do you like puzzles and quizzes, or do your kids like puzzles and quizzes?  If the answer to at least two of those questions are yes then you might want to pop over to Amazon and download these 20 Easter Puzzles and Quizzes for FREEEEE for your Kindle.

I had a Kindle - I won it in a competition and then I gave it to Tamsin!  You see, I love reading books where I'm required to turn pages made from paper and whilst I totally get that you can store a hundred million books on your Kindle, and take them all with you wherever you go, I don't actually WANT to do that.

When I fly long haul, I WANT to go into WHSmiths and browse through the books and puzzle books; I WANT to choose some to read and do on the plane, I like that!

Call me old-fashioned and keep your Kindles - you'll be able to download and play Easter puzzles and quizzes for free and I won't; c'est la vie and all that, I'll try not to lose any sleep over it.

Thanks to Dippidh at HUKD

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