Free Water Saving Devices @ Thames Water

Free Water Saving Devices @ Thames Water

Hippo WaterIt’s amazing how little things can help you save money in the long term. Every little bit helps and the Hippo Water-Saver is one such little bit. This device, courtesy of Thames Water, can save you up to one litre of water with every flush.

Saving water is more than saving on your energy bills, it’s also about saving the planet. By using devices like these you can make a difference to the impact we’re having on the world’s water supply. It isn’t hard to use at all, just follow the simple instructions to insert your Hippo in the cistern. 

The heavy gauge polyethylene bag sits beneath your cistern float and has a hole in it to allow water circulation and prevent stagnation. This can retain up to 2.5 litres of water with every flush. Save a flush

You can order one per toilet in your home and you’re also given the option of receiving a free Save-a-Flush that can save up to one litre of water every time you use the toilet. The bag of crystals made from silicon gel sits at the base of the cistern and swells up over the course of six hours.

Using both these products together will make a difference to your wallet and your conscience.

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