Free Buy and Keep Movies 2017

13 September 2017
Free Buy and Keep Movies 2017

We've got the Free Sky Buy and Keep Movie List for 2017! These is a list of the free Buy and Keep Movie promotions that Sky Store has run. We will update this list as the freebies are announced.

Current Sky Buy and Keep Free Movie Deal

Right now, when you sign up for Sky VIP, there is a free welcome gift (no matter what tier you are). Once you sign up for Sky VIP, the Primary Sky iD holder will be sent a voucher code to claim a buy and keep movie from the Sky Store website up to a value of £13.99.

Sky also offers Box Set Bundles, and has some on offer right now from £25 a month for 18 months. There are even more deals on offer right here.

I've had a few of these DVDs now, and it's great to see there's some rewards for being a loyal customer! If you haven't already done so, check out the Sky VIP App* and you could qualify for loads more freebies too! I got another Buy & Keep free, Sky Go Extra free, plus there's loads of competitions, tickets and more!

Previous Sky Buy and Keep Free Movie Deals

  • September 2017 - Free copy of the Amazing Spiderman. Offer valid through 30th September 2017.
  • May 2017 - In partnership with British Gas to promote the service's new rewards program, vouchers were available for the Sky Store voucher worth £13.99 each through 12th May 2017.
  • December 2016 - Free DVD Box Sets for the holidays up to a value of £13.99.
  • March 2016 - Free download and copy of Kung Fu Panda with every free Sky TV trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sky VIP?

Sky VIP is Sky TV's loyalty programme for Sky customers. Customers are put into tiers, depending on how long they’ve been with Sky:

  • Sky VIP Silver (0-3 years): means exclusive prize draws and free VIP tickets to events across the country.
  • Sky VIP Gold (3-8 years): means you get free access to Sky Go Extra, that means download Sky shows that can be accessed wherever from mobile devices.
  • Sky VIP Platinum (8-15 years): means you get free Sky fibre set-up and extra data.
  • Sky VIP Black (15+ years): means you get a free Sky Q box, Sky Q Mini and free installation.

What does Sky VIP include?

With Sky VIP, you can buy or rent the latest movies whenever you want, you can buy and keep box sets, you can buy and keep on multiple devices (TV, tablet or mobile, plus the DVD delivered), and you can download to watch offline or stream. You can buy and watch Sky Store movies and TV shows through Sky Store app or on up to four devices, such as your mobile, tablet, PC, Mac, NOW TV or Roku Boxes.

Where to I find a list of current Sky Buy and Keep Movies?

Solid question. There are our top picks for the Sky Buy and Keep program from the Sky Store on your Sky Q box.

  • Despicable Me 3 - Available from 23 October
  • Baby Driver - Available from 27 October
  • Churchill - Available from 9 October
  • The Mummy - Available from 9 October
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kind - Available from 9 October
  • Snatched - Available now
  • Fast & Furious 8 - Available to buy & keep from 16 October
  • Wonder Woman - Available to buy and keep from 9 October
  • Baywatch - Available to rent now
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge - Available to buy & rent now
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Available to buy & rent now
  • Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience - Available to buy & rent from 16 October
  • Alien Covenant - Available to buy & rent now
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Available now to buy & rent
  • Mindhorn - Available now to buy & rent
  • The Exception - Available now to buy & rent
  • A Kind of Murder - Available now to buy & rent
  • Relative Happiness - Available now to buy & rent
  • Blade Runner 2049 - Available now for pre-order

What is coming soon to Sky Movies?

You can check what's coming soon to Sky Movies here.

How much is Sky TV?

Sky TV Subscription: Packages £22-£81.50 per month. Click here to check's subscription rates.

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    Done, will be under purchases in menu

  • Vicky M.

    I have ordered this and donating it to the kids ward my son attends. Anyone who has Sky but doesn't want the DVD it would be great if they could still get it and donate it to kids hospital. They are always in need of DVDs which can make many kids happy x

  • Natasha R.

    Ooh cheers mate :thumbsup_tone2: boys will love that!

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