FREE Net Of Chocolate Coins With O2 Priority

FREE Net Of Chocolate Coins With O2 Priority

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without Chocolate Coins. How about getting some for FREE? That does sound good. If you are with O2 then you are in luck, as WH Smith and O2 Priority have teamed up to give you one of 120,000 FREE Net of Chocolate Coins. This offer does not start until tomorrow, which is the 23rd November and ends when WH Smith runs out of them or on the 24th December.

To claim you FREE Net of Chocolate Coins, just use the link above and click on 'Use Now'. Remember, it doesn't start until tomorrow so you cannot claim it yet. Make sure you are right by a participating WH Smith store as you only get the offer for a limited time.

Once in your WH Smith grab your Chocolate Coins and show the O2 Priority offer to the cashier and Voila! they are all yours.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Thanks to caironjake


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