Free Nappies When You Join Asda Baby Club

9 November 2010

asdaBaby We do like things for free here at PlayPennies; when you join the Asda Baby Club you'll get all sorts of things, including free nappies!

Asda want your details.  So hand them over, become a member of the Asda Baby Club and in return they'll give you:

  • A full size pack of nappies
  • A full size pack of baby wipes
  • A baby hat
  • And some money-off vouchers

They'll also send you advanced notice of store events and other things they think, as a parent, you'll find interesting - if this really is just too much for you, then you can either not join and not get free things, or unsubscribe at some point in the future.

Some of our canny friends over at HUKD have been chancing their arm with multiple vouchers, here's what's being said over there:

"I joined, then put in my hubby's details so got 2 vouchers!" - Squibbly

"Brilliant. Myself and husband joined, 2 vouchers!" - fionareddevil

"Took one of my vouchers along to my local asda today when i checked my receipt, the huggies newborn box had scanned at £2.50 but the voucher took £5 off!! Asda have just paid me £2.50 and given me a pack of nappies, pack of wipes and some more money off vouchers for nappies!!!!" - Squibbly

"Used the voucher today and it scanned through at £5.00... The kit was only £3.00 though so the checkout girl over-rode it to make the voucher £3.00... I recommend going through the self-service with the voucher" - LoopyElf

So there you go - free nappies, and other bits and pieces, when you join the Asda Baby Club, but don't dawdle, the vouchers expire on 21 November!

Thanks to squibbly over at HUKD!

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  • Sally M.
    the voucher is for a newborn pack, useful for many i'm sure, but not much good to me with a 9 month old.
    True, but if it takes £5 off a 2.50 spend it's worth it for that alone :-)
  • Sally M.
    i guess so, if that works. i don't live that near an Asda so I wont bother.
  • Sally M.
    anyway, the reason I posted that was to point out it's deal for newborn stuff, which the article doesn't mention.
  • dull132
    oOoO:{ du;l y ha ha ha ha ha bba:{:{ dull c.u.n.t.
  • stacey2406
    why is this still advertised if you cant even get the free stuff?

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