FREE Fun Size Benefit Mascara When You Hand In Your Old Mascara!

FREE Fun Size Benefit Mascara

Bravo Benefit! Deals like their Mascara Amnesty are a sure fire way of getting my custom. Nip to a Benefit Counter and you get a FREE Fun Size Benefit Mascara! What a great way to try out a new Mascara without having to fork out the £'s! This offer will be popular, so be sure to get yours ASAP.

How does the Benefit Mascara Amnesty work?

1. Bring your old Mascara to a Benefit Counter. It can be any brand. You can find your nearest Benefit Counter here*.

2. Pop the old Mascara into the Benefit Mascara Amnesty Box, by the till.

3. Collect your FREE Fun Size Benefit Mascara. Choose from BAD Gal Bang, They're Real and Roller Lash.

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  • Angela E.

    , we should do this Friday xx

  • Jenny L.

    I got an email about this today :sunglasses:

  • Karen S.

    - another wee freebie :thumbsup:

  • Collette G.

    Oh I’ll need to do that!

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