Free Competitions: Three Year Supply Of Toothpaste, Witch Mattifying Moisturiser And Vitus Zenium VRS Bike

23 July 2013

Ok, Ok, I know that offering you the chance to win three year’s supply of Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White toothpaste is hardly the most exciting free competition I’ve found, but it definitely is the most useful! You can be the one lucky person who doesn’t have to worry about toothpaste shopping for three entire years, and you get lovely white teeth to boot.

The competition is held by Woman’s Own and you need to enter the competition before midnight on 22 August 2013. To enter just fill in the online form and answer the question below.

Q: Beverly Hills is found in which US State?

A: California

Next up you can win one of 200 New Witch Mattifying Moisturisers courtesy of Look and all you have to do is answer the question below. I have to confess that I did run off to the internet to see Karen with her new hairdo as I’ve been too busy to stay on top of sleb gossip lately.

Q: At which event did Karen Gillan show off her shaved head?

A: Comic Con

Finally you can stand a chance to win a Vitus Zenium VRS worth £949.99 courtesy of 220 Triathlon. They have partnered with Chain Reaction Cycles to offer you the chance to win this amazing road bike and all you need to do is enter before 22 July and answer the question below.

Q: How many times has Sean Kelly won the Tour de France green jersey?

A: B 4

Thanks to pij805 at HUKD!

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