FREE Chanel Mascara Sample @ Boots

FREE Chanel Mascara Sample @ Boots

EDIT: The online samples have all gone now, but the website says you can get one from the Chanel counter at larger Boots stores.

We love a good freebie here at Playpennies, and when it's something like Chanel we get even more excited! Get yourself over to the Boots website and you can request a sample size of the new Dimensions De Chanel Mascara absolutely free! Just click on the link below to get yours.

You just have to fill in a few details so that they can send you your sample and away you go!

The last time Chanel did this the samples went very quickly indeed so you need to be quick if you want one as numbers will be limited. The sample is likely to be a small 1.5ml size, but as it's costing nothing I'm not complaining! It will also be very handy indeed for holidays or handbags.

Better be quick ladies!

Thanks to lisa864


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  • Stephanie J.

    Ordered mine

    • Christina S.

      have to have an advantage card I dont

      • Paula B.

        Just make a number up it accepted me doing it. X

        • Sheena V.

          I thought everyone had an advantage card! :see_no_evil: it's a part of life lol

          • Christina S.

            I buy mostly mac makeup in debenhams so don't have one must gey 1

            • Sarah V.

              I didn't put anything in an it still let me do it

              • Jessica C.

                You didn't have to have one I done it with none xx

              • Kaylie L.

                Done xxx

                • Anna T.

                  Ooh hello!!! :heart_eyes:

                  • guest

                    Just done mine, be quick!

                    • Laura A.

                      All over that! ,

                      • Jan M.


                        • Vicki B.

                          All gone :pensive:

                          • Christina S.

                            all gone

                            • Sarah L.

                              Missed it :(

                              • Charlotte D.

                                None left :(

                                • Paula B.

                                  really wow!! That was fast! X

                                  • Sonia M.

                                    ... Got to love a free sample :wink:

                                    • Jaclyn L.

                                      Defo do missus xxx

                                      • Vicky M.

                                        There is none left :tired_face:

                                        • Jaclyn L.

                                          Aww well never mind xxx

                                          • Sonia M.

                                            Aw noooooo :thumbsdown: I MIGHT let use try mine if use are nice to me :stuck_out_tongue:

                                            • Vicky M.

                                              Aww did you manage to get one xx

                                              • Sonia M.

                                                Well I think I have it asked for my name, address, email address, advantage card number then it said your item has been dispatched so whether I've got it through before the stock ran out I don't know.... I shall await on the Postman, lol.

                                              • Anna T.

                                                oh no I have no idea if I got it or not :joy: I didn't read the last message properly

                                                • Kirsty P.

                                                  :pensive: none left :triumph:

                                                  • Kat T.

                                                    gone online but says you can just pop into boots and ask at chanel counter x

                                                    • Nat S.

                                                      Ohhhh thank you. I'll try when I'm in town next.x

                                                    • Angela M.

                                                      oh no :cry:

                                                      • Joanna L.

                                                        thanks, but all gone :(

                                                        • Hayley A.

                                                          Non left online :pensive: xx

                                                          • Kirsty P.

                                                            Ah well, you can't win them all, did u manage to get one?