FREE Bing 2017 Tour - Meet Bing & Flop!

FREE Bing 2017 Tour - Meet Bing & Flop!

Calling all Bing Fans! This is one deal you DO NOT want to miss. The Bing 2017 Tour dates have been announced and tickets are FREE of charge. That means that your little one's dreams can come true without bankrupting you.

Here are the Dates and Venues for the Bing Tour 2017 :

  • 1st July: Mote Park, Maidstone Kent (this is not part of the Tour but is a FREE Meet and Greet event)
  • 23rd July: Marsh Farm, Essex (FREE Meet and Greet Event)
  • 3rd August: The Mall, Luton (1st date of Tour)
  • 4th August: The Entertainer, Haymarket, Leicester
  • 5th August: The Entertainer, Meadowhall, Sheffield
  • 12th August: The Entertainer, Trinity Shopping Centre, Leeds
  • 17th August: The Entertainer, Pyramids, Birkenhead
  • 18th August: The Entertainer, The Mall, Uxbridge
  • 19th August: The Entertainer, Castle Mall, Norwich
  • 23rd August: The Entertainer, The Mall, Maidstone
  • 25th August: Toys R Us, Croydon
  • 26th August: Toys R Us, Basingstoke
  • 27th August: Toys R Us, Gloucester
  • 7th October: The Entertainer, Silverburn, Glasgow

Note: All of these events are FREE, and those that aren't available to book on the Bing site, will be in due course on either The Entertainer site or Toys R Us.

On those Tour Dates, your child will get to meet Bing and Flop, play games and receive Stickers and a pair of Bing bunny ears.

Thanks to emribena

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  • Jo D.

    Awahhh no way haha have to take the little one x

  • Michaela N.

    Would be a good wee trip xx

  • Emily N.

    Nothing in the south west???

  • Danni T.

    Ive already messaged the entertainer about it :) im booking tickets the week before they are at leeds

  • Eilish C.

    Having difficulty booking can anyone help thanks

  • Laura D.

    None at all Manchester? Liverpool? Warrington? X

    • Jenni K.

      Birkenhead is closest, though why they chose there instead of liverpool is beyond me!

  • Louise V.

    Nothing in Lancashire. All too far away

    • Lucy E.

      Ah Ted would of loved that if he was nearer :pensive::rabbit:

  • Hannah B.

    Thank you I've already saved the date lol x

  • James M.

    Wonder when tickets are available.

  • Caroline O.

    Struggling to book anything other than Maidstone?! Anyone else?

  • Helena E.

    We should see him in July

  • Lauren H.

    Wooooh Bing! Let's go! Haha xx

  • Zoe M.

    Seen this earlier. Defiantly taking her xx

  • Kasia M.

    Aww he loves bing :heart_eyes:xxxxxxxx

  • Louise B.

    Never really watched it xxx

  • Katie D.

    Defo going to this ! He will have a heart attack !

  • Michelle L.

    I saw this, shame there's nothing a bit more local! I'm sure she'd love to meet bing again!!xx

  • Sarah G.

    Free :) we just need to get tickets xx

  • Susan H.

    Oh yeh we should def take him he'd love that x

  • Richenda G.

    She hasn't mentioned/watched or for a while. Good to know though incase xx

  • Kim D.

    It's ticketed and you can't get them online. Xx

  • Megan S.

    Think am guna take willow xx

  • Hayley W.

    oh yeah I forgot about that :ok_hand:. She's going to love it!!

  • Laura M.

    You have to collect the tickets in person on the morning first come first served :rolling_eyes: x

  • Jodie T.

    Yea shame there's not one close :disappointed:xx

  • Laura S.

    I saw this earlier going to try and get in town for tickets he'd love it xx

  • Abbie-Jade D.

    Why not manchester:persevere::persevere:x

  • Vicky H.

    Def have to take Murray to this xx

  • Amy P.

    We took him last year to see them lol xx

  • Carol-Ann C.

    Nah she's not really into bing the now toy story all the way

  • Lorinda L.

    Thank you its the day before his birthday x

  • Jade B.

    Cool may have to take maddison

  • Carly M.

    Yeah she loves it, think I might have to take a trip to see them :grinning: x

  • Abbie-Jade D.

    I'll see how you order tickets thankyou xxx

  • Lauren E.

    Think I'm too scared to go :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Sarah G.

    Cool. Will be booking them lol thanks

  • DeeRich B.

    Definitely going to try and take John. I think he would love it xxx

  • Jessica B.

    As much as Lola mai would I'd rather stick pins in my eyes :joy::joy:

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