You Can Now Buy Full Sized Colin The Caterpillar Faces For £1 @ M&S

In stores NOW!
You Can Now Buy Full Sized Colin The Caterpillar Faces For £1 @ M&S

We all know that the best part of a Colin The Caterpillar Cake is his face, in our family the birthday boy or girl gets first dibs on it! Well now you don't have to wait for your birthday to enjoy Colin's tasty face, M&S have just started selling Colin's white chocolate face in its cake-size form for just £1!

Exactly the same as the cake, Colin’s face is made of solid, creamy white chocolate with milk chocolate eyes. This new product isn't the same as the mini version that was released last year, this is a full size replica of the one you get on the celebration cake!

We have a quote from Colin himself: “Since I got so much attention for Colin Mini Faces my head’s got a little bigger, literally! I’ve had a whole lot of love from my fans in lockdown and I’m so pleased that they can now enjoy Face Time with me all year round! Stay tuned for more news about me (and the Mrs!) next week!”

The perfect pick-me-up to have alongside a cuppa, I cannot wait to get my hands on a few!

The new treat is available in store only, remember that only essential travel is allowed right now so please do not make a special journey to look for these, but keep an eye out the next time you are shopping for essentials at Marks and Spencer.


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