Parma Violet Shimmer Gin Is All Kinds Of Special

Parma Violet Shimmer Gin Is All Kinds Of Special

I got so freakin' excited when I found out that Parma Violet Gin was a thing, so imagine my face when I discovered that Parma Violet SHIMMER Gin exists. It's called Violetta and is available for £34.50 which is probably a little pricey for a 50cl bottle, but boy is it fancy.

The first thing you need to know about Violetta Parma Violet Shimmer Gin, is that it's NOT a liqueur, but a full strength (40% Vol) Gin.

It's not a tan the whole bottle on a Saturday Night job (not that we recommend that with any booze, of course), but is meant to be enjoyed with a nice Tonic Water, or dropped into a glass of Prosecco.

What appeals to me is not only do you get to enjoy that sweet, floral taste, but the Gin is shimmery and would look so special in your Cocktail Glass.

Pick up from the Wirral Distillery is FREE or opt for Delivery at £3.90.


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  • Karen L.

    Not sure whether I'd like that

    • Victoria F.

      i soo wanna try this one like xx

      • Catherine L.

        2 of my favourite things :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

        • Madeleine M.

          Wowzers! It was beaut!!! X

          • Lindzy T.

            I’ve just seen it can stay in the Wirral distillery for that price too :see_no_evil:

            • Becky H.

              We definitely need this in our lives for this weekend lol xx

              • Kim S.

                Ooooo!!!!! I haven’t tried Parma violet!! Xx

                • Julie G.

                  Wonder if they do this in Wetherspoons lol

                  • Carol O.

                    Got some violet gin from Morrisons £25 xx

                    • Linda G.

                      I like the look of that :yum:.

                      • Sue W.

                        I’ll have to get some xxx

                        • Rebecca M.

                          This has changed my life xx

                          • Rebecca M.

                            £35 for 50cl :sob::sob::sob:

                            • Natz L.

                              Oooooohhhhh I want to try this? Xx

                              • Tracey W.

                                I know I seen it earlier omgosh lush X

                                • Cheryl J.

                                  might have to give this a go x

                                  • Angela P.

                                    Emmm. Not sure about that one. X

                                    • Gemma E.

                                      I'll stick to my rhubarb and ginger thanks x

                                      • Clare F.

                                        I have tried it and it’s amazing! X

                                        • Shirley S.

                                          WOW SHIMMERS EVEN:hushed::kiss: