Nestlé KitKat Cereal Is Heading To The UK In April!

It'll be on the shelves of UK supermarkets next month!
Nestlé KitKat Cereal Is Heading To The UK In April!

Oh my days Nestlé Cereals has announced the launch of KitKat Cereal! A delicious new breakfast cereal which brings the taste of a KitKat chocolate bar straight to cereal bowls!

Created in partnership with the chocolate development team at Nestlé, the cereal maintains the essence of the much-loved original chocolate bar. The crispy cereal squares provide the delicious taste of chocolate and wafer, which is sure to delight loyal KitKat fans.

The newest addition to the Nestlé Cereals’ collection is made with a milk chocolate flavoured coating and is a source of five vitamins, calcium and iron. It also provides 126 calories per 30g serving, with 11 servings per pack.

KitKat cereal is set to be stocked on supermarket shelves in April and we can't wait to get our hands on a box!

Have you seen the KitKat Chunky White Lotus Biscoff Bar?!

Keep an eye out at the supermarket for this brand new cereal next month!


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